Communications Anima… Fluent in the Language of Success

Want to be more confident when speaking? Are you looking to further your career or get that job promotion you’ve been waiting for? We can help! When learning another language, you can achieve results faster with a language learning plan that’s developed for you. Since 1982, Communications Anima has proven to be the leader in professional language training and our 28 years of unsurpassed service speaks for itself. Located in the heart of the West Island, we offer private and mini-group training that focus on breaking down the barriers of fear and shyness that prevent you from achieving your personal and professional linguistic goals.

Communications Anima does not believe in one-size-fits-all teaching methods; instead, we pride ourselves on identifying the specific linguistic needs of our students and constructing appropriate course plans for them. Your time and money are valuable, so why waste them sitting in large classrooms of 15 to 45 students where conversation practice time is kept at a minimum? Individualized attention is equally important on a one-to-one basis as it is with mini-group instruction; our groups of 3 to 5 students and our conversational style training ensure a fast, effective and natural approach to learning a new language. Ultimately, our Center’s mission is to teach people to speak French, English, Spanish, German or Mandarin with ease and confidence.

Why is Communications Anima the right choice? Unlike other language institutes, Communications Anima provides a carefully balanced combination of theory and conversation in classes, which is ideal for professionals. The objective is to ensure the student develops a strong, solid communication level in order to enable him to communicate effectively and easily in important professional and cultural situations. The techniques utilized are similar to those used for management training programs, consisting of : role-playing, simulation exercises, presentations, brainstorming, group discussions and individual expression.

The Communications Anima approach to second language training has been designed by professional linguists and teachers to enable you to « feel » and « live » the language you learn. Communication counts! How many times have you shied away from a conversation with your neighbour… because of a language barrier? In social situations, it’s disappointing. In business, it’s counter-productive. Communications Anima can help break the language barrier with courses designed to maximize oral and written communication. No textbook phrases. No memorization. The emphasis is on daily usage and animated conversation. You’ll learn to speak your mind, not your textbook!

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