* Aubèrge Madeleine
Aubèrge Madeleine is a shelter for women in difficulty. Victims of mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness and conjugal violence come to the Aubèrge for the support and encouragement of a devoted staff of qualified social workers.

* Education Plus: A High School With A Difference
Empowering Students with the Ability to Make Strategic Choices
Education Plus is a school aimed at meeting the needs of de-motivated students. Our teachers give specific and individual attention to the various needs of each student. The commonality of our students is their strong desire to learn in their own way. We are blessed with a staff with excellent motivational skills who demonstrate the desire and patience to spend the time necessary for the students to excel.

* Lamplighters Children’s Leukemia-Cancer Foundation
Lamplighters Children’s Leukemia-Cancer Foundation is a volunteer group of families and friends working out of the Montreal Children’s Hospital. They help children suffering from malignant diseases by creating the best healing environment possible. Their accomplishments include a cancer-treatment ward, an outpatient treatment clinic and the purchase of specialized equipment.

* Montreal City Mission
Montreal City Mission is a United Church Outreach Ministry carrying out social justice work and service programs to low-income people of Montreal. Their outreach includes refugees, families, people living with AIDS and the unemployed.

* Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Perpetual Scholarship for Distinction in the Arts
Established in 1995 to honor the late Rev. Dr. Charles H. Este, who served Union United Church, in St-Henri, from 1923 to 1968, this scholarship assists students in pursuit of excellence in the Arts. The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir was founded there in September 1982.

* Share the Warmth Foundation
Share the Warmth Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to help the homeless with food and clothing. Today, it assists over three thousand needy people a month including those who are on social assistance, pensioners, and hungry school children. The foundation services the needy in the southwest of Montreal which includes Pointe St-Charles, Little Burgundy, St-Henri, Verdun, and N.D.G.