Citation: Trevor W. Payne, C.M.

Eager to share the rich tradition of his cultural background, this remarkable musician has used his talent to introduce gospel music to the Greater Montreal community. Under his direction, the Montreal Jubilaton Gospel Choir has become internationally known and its performances have supported numerous charitable causes. he is an important role model for youth, encouraging them to take pride in their community and to strive for excellence in education and music.

Supporting reasons for his appointment to the Order :

Contributions to his community and to Canadian Society: His contribution to the Black Community, of which he is a member, has had a ripple effect, in the sense that his activities: i.e. his music, his teaching, and, his work with high school drop-outs, have engendered a positive spill-over into the wider community.

Contribution to the expansion of the activities of the Church, by linking current and past history: As the founder of the Montreal Black Community Youth Choir, at Union United Church, the oldest Black Congregation in Montreal, he introduced the youth of the Black Community to Gospel Music as an art form, and made the link between Gospel Music and the history of Black People in North America.

Link between his contributions to Union United Church and the Wider Community: As the Montreal Black Community Youth Choir learned the music which he taught, and the Choir became known, Gospel Music was introduced to the Greater Montreal Community, to the extent that in 1993, there was a special section at the Montreal International Jazz Festival for Gospel Music. Introducing the Music of Black People to the wider community, had the positive effect of having that aspect of Black Culture better known and respected, thereby gaining respect for the race. Having the Black Youth absorbed with this type of positive activity, taught them discipline, kept them away from negative forces, and goal directed.

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