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James D. Hindley – Chairman, Board of Advisors

James D. Hindley – Throughout his lifetime, James D. Hindley has been actively integrated in philanthropic ideology. In 1953, he founded the Sport’s Organization of Champlain Village where he was Chairman and organized all sporting events for the youth in the community. Over the next 50 years, he founded the Pop Warner Football Club of the South Shore, was President of the Greenfield Park Athletics Association, President of the Greenfield Park Packers Football Club where in 2001 he was elected into the Greenfield Park Packers Hall of Fame, President of the Lions Club of Greenfield Park and subsequently appointed Zone Chairman of the Lions Club District A8.

He then went on to become President of the Rotary Club of Montreal where he was awarded the Paul Harris award from Rotary International for Outstanding Community Service, living up to their model – Service above Self and at the same time served as Vice-President for the Quebec Society of Disabled Children for 10 years, was President of the Cedars Cancer Institute, Chairman of the Cedars Cancer Institute’s Annual Golf Tournament for 28 years, a Member of the Past-President’s Committee of the Cedars Cancer Institute and a Member of the Oncology Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital.

He was actively involved in his church and subsequently became Chairman of the Trustees of the Board of St. James United Church, Chairman of the Centennial Anniversary of the St. James United Church, Chairman of the St. James United Church Drop-In Center, Appointed to the Faculty Advisory Board of Religious Studies of McGill University, Board Member of the United Church Presbytery Finance and Extension Board and a Member of the Ecumenical Counsel of Montreal.

In addition to the above he was also a Member of the Capital Campaign Committee for the Old Brewery Mission, Appointed to the Lakeshore General Hospital Board of Directors, Member of the 2001 Grey Cup Committee, in 2009 Chairman of the Grey Cup Gala and Member of the Executive Committee, Appointed to the Board of Trustees of Sacred Heart School of Montreal and elected Co-Chairman of the Sacred Heart’s School 150th Anniversary.

In 2002, he was awarded the Man of the Year Award from the Lebanese Syrian Canadian Association.

James D. Hindley Founded and served as President of Hindley & Associates Inc. for over 35 years. In 1984 founded Hindley Financial Services Inc. where he maintains his position as President. In 1998, he founded HBO Financial Services Inc. He also gives of his time to consult for many other charitable organizations and businesses alike. He is an annual guest lecturer at McGill University speaking to 3rd and 4th year business students on insurance related issues pertinent to corporations and entrepreneurs.

In March 2012 he was awarded the Governor General Medal for his Community Service as well as the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

He has been a member of the Royal Montreal Golf Club for 28 years and is the father of 7 children and 10 grandchildren.

Mr. Hindley is currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, and President of the Gilead Jubilation [Music] Foundation [February 2012].

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Advisory Board
L to R: Robbie D. Braide, Donald K. Tarlton, James D. Hindley
Dr. Oliver T. Jones, James M. West