• By Jubilation Gospel Choir

Montrealer magazine november 2012

The Montreal Jubilation Choir Celebrates 30 years of joyful singing

For thousands of Montrealers, the spirit of Christmas ‘officially’ begins when the Montreal Jubilation Choir presents their annual pre-Christmas concerts. It’s a family event, hosted by the Jubilation family and their patriarch; choir Founder and Artistic Director – Dr. Trevor Payne. The band takes the stage, the beginning chords of Highway To Heaven begin to fill the hall, the mighty Hammond organ swelling andalt lifting the music. Before you realize it, Choir members begin entering from the back of the hall – making their way towards the stage and passing within inches of the astonished members of the audience. Hands clapping, eyes sparkling, and robes flowing; the choir dances their way towards the stage. In a tumultuous world; we will enjoy an evening of respite; our spirits lifted and our innocence restored.

This year, the annual concert will also be a celebration of The Jubilation Choir’s 30th Anniversary. That the choir has lasted and thrived for thirty years can be credited to a number of people. Firstly – it’s a testament to the vision and leadership of Trevor Payne. Secondly – the dedication of the choristers and their love of singing Gospel music. Thirdly, there is the important support of people like Jim West at Justin Time Records, Impresario Donald K Donald, and Board members/advisors Rob Braide, John Rae and Jim Hindley.
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