Raising Awareness about Men’s Cancers

It’s commonly known that men don’t like to talk about cancer, particularly those below the belt such as prostate or testicular. altHowever, talking about cancer—those that affect women predominantly, those that affect men predominantly and those that don’t discriminate—is absolutely essential for awareness to be raised. Awareness, as we all know, sensitizes people to the importance of early and preventive screening. It allows them to benefit from an earlier diagnosis, treatment and hopefully a cure.

Given that I am not only the MUHC’s Director General and CEO but also still a practicing oncologist, I am particularly pleased to see the Cedars Cancer Institute assume a leadership role in raising awareness about men’s cancers with Trevor W. Payne, founder and director of the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir.

Yesterday, Trevor and I met for the first time. Trevor’s a man who exudes passion for music and life; who is ready to talk about his cancer and do something about it; and who is tremendously respected in our community… I can think of no better altman to start the vital conversation about men’s cancers in our city and keep it going, and I can think of no better partner than the Cedars Cancer Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. He and Cedars have begun by producing compelling public service announcements, featuring Trevor and other male cancer patients. Furthermore, the Trevor W. Payne Fund for Men’s Cancers of the Cedars Cancer Institute is being launched on May 19 with the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir raising their voices in song in a benefit concert.

Yesterday was also World Health Day so I’d like to invite you to join me by adding your voice to the conversation that Trevor and Cedars have started so that we can build on the work of our exceptional Cancer Care Mission professionals and Cancer Axis researchers, as well as their knowledge-sharing initiatives. Let’s talk more about men’s cancers because raising awareness is an invaluable part of what we do as a member of the World Health Organization’s Network of Health Promoting Hospitals. Most importantly, as we know, raising awareness helps improve quality of life and it saves lives.

Click on the logos below to learn more about the benefit concert, to spread the word and to purchase tickets if an entertaining evening of spirited song interests you.