Jubilation I – Highway To Heaven

(Thomas A. Dorsey) Unichappell Music Kathleen Dyson, soloist


(Inez Andrews) Kathleen Dyson, vocal/guitar solos


(K. Morris) Salome Bey, soloist


(C. A. Tindley) Claudette Clarke, Kathleen Dyson, Stacie Tabb; soloists


(Thomas A. Dorsey) Rachel Pierre, soloist


(L. Bouknight)


(Traditional) Salome Bey, Kathleen Dyson; soloists


CD#: Just 10-2
Recorded IN CONCERT December 8, 1985
at St. James United Church
Montreal, CANADA

Mobile Recording: Le Studio Mobile
Engineered by: Ian Terry
Mixed at: Studio Victor by Ian Terry
Produced by: Jim West and Trevor W. Payne
Cover Painting: James Taylor
Photography: Judith Cezar
Graphic Design: Reid Morris/James Taylor

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Album Details

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir Founded and directed by Trevor W. Payne, C. M. A 50-plus member Choir, which has been hailed by critics as « one of the finest gospel choirs in the world. »

A very special thanks to Ms. Salome Bey for her outstanding contribution to ‘ Yes God Is Real’, and ‘I Love to Praise His Name’.


Rolanda Taylor, Claudette Clarke, Petula Clarke, Susan Clarke, Florence McLean, Nicole Johnson, Faye Corbin, Anne Corbin, Michele Browne, Jennifer Sargeant, Donna Blunt, Beatrice Langford, Cecile Barrett, Vicki Pointer, Shirley Hamilton, Gail Eastmond, Andrea Weekes, Audrey Walters, Phyllis Dickson, Joan Gibson, Tracy Simpson-Lamothe;

Ruth Ambris, Jean Cambridge, Terry McGimpsey, Debbie Goodridge, Jennifer Allen, Stacie Tabb, Heather Hamilton, Carmen Husbands, Sonia Taylor, Rachel Pierre, Eulah Thomas, Sheryl Durant, Andrea Yearwood, Germaine Davis, Nicole Corbin, Wilma Griffin

Kingsley Sherwood, Blair Sherwood, Kathleen Dyson-Oliver, Patrick Saunders, Brian Harris, Clement C. Walker, Gerard Constant, Edward Watson, Kenrick Abdul Julien, J.R. Parsons;

E.C. Mason, Earl Tabb, Jeff Alleyne, John Durant, J.I.M. Ashby, Don L. Marsman;

Kathleen Dyson-Oliver, Guitar; James Oliver, Bass; Graham Chambers, Drums; Oliver Jones, Organ; Trevor W. Payne, Piano.

Special Guest:
Salome Bey.