Jubilation VII – Hamba Ekhaya

(Thomas A. Dorsey) Unichappell Music



(Music, E Sontonga; Lyrics, C. J. Langenhoven)


(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Traditional East African) Gerard Étienne, soloist


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(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Mnyandu) Gallo Music Publishing


(Traditional South African)


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(Thomas A. Dorsey) Unichappell Music


Jubilation VII – Hamba Ekhaya (Goin’ Home)
Catalogue#: JUST 96-2
Produced by Jim West and Trevor W. Payne
All musical arrangements by Trevor W. Payne
unless otherwise stated

Recorded at St. James United Church, Montreal
December 13, and 14, 1996 by Ian Terry
Assisted by Marcel Gouin (Karisma Studios)
Photography by Michael Slobodian
Art direction and design by Graphic Junction

Album Details

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
Founded and directed by
Trevor W. Payne, C. M.

Featuring South African Superstar:

Jubilation VII – Hamba Ekhaya represents the culmination of a long-standing dream for Trevor Payne, begun 15 years ago at Union United Church in St-Henri. Today, he has brought the Montreal Jubilation Choir full circle, taking the Lord’s blessing and the indestructible beat of St-Henri home to Africa and into our hearts.

On December 13th, 14th and 15th 1996, the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir brought the music of Africa to Montreal. These concerts were recorded and the result is Hamba Ekhaya (“Goin’ Home” in Zulu).

In May 1996, Trevor W. Payne, founder and director of the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, went to Africa to research the material for this recording. One of the goals of this voyage was to meet with Gallo Records’ recording artist Phuzekhemisi, a brilliant composer-vocalist-guitarist and leading exponent of traditional music of the Zulu, and arrange for him to come to Montreal with members of his group to record with the Choir. The meeting was certainly profitable.

Phuzekhemisi and his two musicians are an integral part of this project, contributing seven original songs.

The choir is perfectly in tune with the music and the language of Phuzekhemisi as well as the other African songs including “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika” (Lord Bless Africa) the National Anthem of South Africa. A M.J.G.C. album would not be complete without a few traditional gospel favorites, included here are “Amazing Grace”, “Highway to Heaven” and others.
-Andrew Jones


Sopranos :
Farah Antoine, Kimberly Atherley, Sylvie Cariotte, Nancy Décembre, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Sandra N. Gabriel, Kori Gulotta, Jeannette E. Gibson, Angela Gresseau, Patricia M. Knight, Carole L. Mark, Janique Montreuil, Sharon Othello, Marsha Roc, Margaret Romain, Marie-Louise Thomas, Carol L.M. Wilson;

Altos :
Tamara Brown, Linda Clarke, Susan I. Clarke, Joanne E. Griffith, Eve Hill, Sharon Johnson, Suzanne Lamontagne, Cherie Lowe, Yovanka McBean, Marie-Hélène Montreuil, Sabine NŽmorin, Joanne Noel, Stacie Lynn Tabb;

Tenors :
Andrew Burr, Angélique C. Desjardins, David W. Dryden, Ian Foster, Adrian O. Gibson, Guy Groleau, Ryan A. Payne, Millie Tressiera ;

Gerard Etienne, Karel Forestal, Sule Michael Heitner, Abdul Kenrick Julien, Mark A. Phillips, Christopher H. Tabb, Clement C. Walker, Winston A. Wood;

Musicians :
Francine Martel, djembé
Abdul Wali Muhammad, drums
Trevor W. Payne, piano
Pedro Ullmann, organ