Jubilation VIII – A Cappella Plus

(Music, E Sontonga: Lyrics, C. J. Langenhoven)


(Traditional - Luhya Language - Kenya)


(Traditional) Arranged by William L. Dawson


(Traditional) Arranged by William L. Dawson


(Traditional) Arranged by William L. Dawson Millie Tresierra, soloist


(Traditional) Arranged by William L. Dawson


(Traditional) Arranged by Cleavant Derricks


(Traditional) Arranged by Charles A. Tindley


(Traditional) Arranged by Jester Hairston


(Words and Music by Kirby Shaw) Mélodie Farkas-Dayle and Karel Forestal, soloists


(Traditional) Arranged by Trevor W. Payne


(Traditional) Arranged by William L. Dawson Chester Doxas, soprano saxophone


(Traditional) Arranged by Maurice Gardner


Sonata No.18, Opus 13 Second Movement; Adagio Cantabile (L. V. Beethoven) Trevor W. Payne, piano


Jubilation VIII – A Cappella Plus
CD#: Just 167-2
Recorded at Studio Victor – Montreal, Canada
February 3, October 6, and October 13, 2001
Recording Engineer: William Szawlowski
Assisted by Louis Legault

All vocal arrangements by Trevor W. Payne
Unless otherwise stated
Instrumental arrangements by
Andrew Homzy and Trevor W. Payne

Album Details

On this recording, the 35 member Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir employs 9 instrumentalists as well.

The sound of “A Cappella Plus” is rendered more eclectic by some unusual instrumental accompaniment: “ Great Day” is accompanied by a street band in the New Orleans tradition, while “Hail Mary” features a bassoon and an English horn among others.

The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, under the direction of Trevor W. Payne, has in the past decade evolved into what is now considered to be one of the world’s finest choirs.

The choir’s first record, “Highway To Heaven”, was recorded live and released in 1986 by Justin Time Records and it has been three years since the Choir’s last release, “Jubilation VII – Hamba Ekhaya”. They’ve spent most of their time since then touring internationally and researching new material to extend their already rich repertoire.

Traditionally, the Choir’s Christmas Concerts at St. James United Church in Montreal is THE occasion to present new tunes and include special guests in their performance.

With the dawning of the new millennium, the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir has expanded its horizons to include appearances and collaborations with icons in the classical music field including the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and I Musici of Montreal