Dr Payne's interview with Ken Connors

The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir under the direction of Dr. Trevor W. Payne,
has, in the past decade evolved into what is now considered to be
one of the world’s finest choirs.

Gospel Celebration 2019

The tradition continues …

Still a Choral Force

After 43 years at the helm, Dr. Trevor Payne has decided to put down the baton. His final...

Trevor’s Farewell...

Video presented on sunday December 3rd, 2018 at Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts

Daisy Peterson Sweeney...

She then became my older sister, second mother, mentor and friend forever. RIP my dear friend


What they are saying ...

" The choir meets the challenge, and the results are spectacular. Liste to the force and grace the choir brings to the dynamics and counterpoints of Nkosy Sikelel'iAfrika, the South African National Anthem. "
- Andrew Jones

" In the small world of the gospel, the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir has earned a special place. Since its modest inception 20 years ago, the choir was able to display his talent on the planet, making it seem in passing eight albums - most recently, Jubilation VIII, erects bridges between the African-American spiritual music and songs African. "
- Philippe Renaud